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When you go to a hockey game, have you ever wondered what the measurements of the ice are, what your favorite player’s stats were, or how the game was played? Get the answers to all of those questions and more with Barracuda Math Class!

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Schools We've Visited

Castlemont Elementary

Forest Park

Pacific Point Christian School

Los Gatos
Daves Avenue

Zanker Elementary

Redwood City
John Gill

Santa Clara
Santa Clara Christian School
Stratford School
Westwood Elementary

Scotts Valley
Vine Hill

Cumberland Elementary
Ellis Elementary
South Peninsula Hebrew Day School

San Jose
Adelante Elementary
Anne Darling Elementary
Bachrodt Charter Academy
Baker Elementary
Blackford Elementary
Carolyn Clark Elementary
Cherrywood Elementary
Discovery Charter School
Farnham Elementary
Galarza Elementary
Gardner Elementary
Guadalupe Elementary
Ida Jew Academy
John Muir Elementary
Meadows School
Moreland Middle School
Mt. Pleasant Elementary
Noble Elementary
Oak Ridge Elementary
Payne Elementary
Sakamoto Elementary
Schallenberger Elementary
St. Christopher School
Trace Elementary
Valley Christian
Vinci Park Elementary

What is Barracuda Math Class?

Barracuda Math Class is a community outreach program for elementary school-aged children designed to generate excitement and interest around math. This program has been created based off of the standards outlined by the California Board of Education to teach students all about the game of hockey while practicing their everyday math skills at the same time. Plus, all kids get a free ticket for graduating from Barracuda Math Class!

Who is it available to?

Barracuda Math Class is offered to ALL Kindergarten through 6th grade classes in and around Santa Clara County!

Why would my students love this program?

All of the students who participate in the program will receive fun giveaways including Barracuda school supplies and a signed photo. Barracuda Math Class gives students a chance to meet San Jose Barracuda players and staff while also teaching math and hockey in a fun, educational way!

Where does this program take place?

The San Jose Barracuda bring Barracuda Math Class right into your school or classroom.

When can I bring the program to my school?

The program is available throughout the 2017-18 school year and we will work with you to pick out the best day to bring Barracuda Math Class to your door! All you need to do is fill out the request form above at least 2 weeks before you would like the Barracuda to visit your school.

How does it work?

After we work with you to pick the perfect date for our visit, the San Jose Barracuda will bring a special guest host into your classroom for an hour of fun! During the program, a Barracuda player or staff member will teach the students about hockey and how math is connected to the game. For grades 1-6, we will also split the class into two teams for a fun round of Math Jeopardy with the game customized to that grade's level of learning! For kindergarten we will teach students the game of hockey through shape recognition!

Before we go, each student will receive Barracuda schools supplies to use during the school year. If available, students will also have the opportunity to take a class picture with a Barracuda player!

How can I get more information?

For more information on Barracuda Math Class or how to get your classroom signed up, please contact Barracuda Marketing and Community Relations Assistant Faith Christensen at [email protected].