Vote today and see who gets to represent Cuda Country for the 17-18 season! Learn more about the candidates below and then cast your vote.

Fan voting will take place from September 21st to September 27th and results will be considered when selecting a winner.

The King or Queen of Cuda Country lasts throughout the entire 17-18 season and duties include but are not limited to ceremonial puck drops, interviews and stories for


Jacob Shockley

Favorite Barracuda: Troy Grosenick

Favorite Memory: "The Barracuda's 14 game winning streak."

Why Jacob should represent Cuda Country: "I deserve to represent Cuda Country because I am one of the biggest Barracuda fans there is. I always say hi to Coach Sommer and the players."


Emily Duncan

Favorite Barracuda: Ryan Carpenter

Favorite Memory: "In Stockton during pregam skate, Frankie, the Heat mascot, was goading the Cuda players and Goldobin shot a puck off the glass right in front of Frankie's face. That was the beginning of the 14 game win streak."

Why Emily should represent Cuda Country: "I already represent Cuda Country! At work, when people buy Sharks fabric, I tell them about the Barracuda and how much I love going to the games."


Lance Munro

Favorite Barracuda: Troy Grosenick

Favorite Memory: "Beating Stockton and winning round 1 of the 17-18 playoffs."

Why Lance should represent Cuda Country: "I attend every game and I love the Barracuda! Whenever the team scores, you can find me dancing."


Christina Raymond

Favorite Barracuda: Barclay Goodrow

Favorite Memory: "When we did the Teddy Bear Toss for the kids."

Why Christina should represent Cuda Country: "I love the Cuda and I've loved them since they first started. I've been a season ticket holder ever since! I'm really trying to spread the word and let everyone know about the Barracuda. Best team ever!"