Aug 15, 2017

Once the 2016-17 season concluded, each Barracuda player returned to his hometown or offseason hangout. Moving forward, each week will check in with a different Barracuda player and see what he is up to this summer. This week we catch up with Alex Schoenborn.
Have you been able to go on any trips this summer? Yeah, my family and I went to Terry Peak in South Dakota. We got a big log cabin that we stayed at, and we checked out Sturgis and Deadwood. We also went on some cave and mining tours, and rode ATVs. It was a really fun trip!
Where is your summer home? I go back to Minot and stay with my parents. It’s good to be home and get to hang out with my two younger brothers and be around the family.
What’s your favorite place to go to in the summer? We’ve got a cabin on Lake Metigoshe right near the border of Canada and the U.S.. We’ve got a boat, so it’s fun to go tubing. I'd definitely say that's my favorite place to go in the summers.
What’s your favorite summer activity? Golf for sure, but mostly just hanging out with the family.
Now that you’ve experienced living near an ocean... Are you a lake, river or beach type of person? Growing up on the lake, there’s nothing I can compare to it, especially in North Dakota. I like the beach, but I’d have to say the lake.
Now that training camp is on the horizon, have you begun training? Oh yeah, I only took a couple of weeks off after the season ended, so I’ve been training hard since that point. I'm trying to work on everything, but mainly focusing on agility, stamina, and strength.
What is the biggest part of your game that you want to improve on as you enter your second year as a pro? I really wanted to improve on the details of my game. If I can improve on that, I think the rest of it will follow.
How much more confident are you this year with a season of pro hockey under your belt and are you excited for the upcoming season? I am excited! I think I learned a lot last year, and I know what I have to do to play this year, so it’s just a matter of time.
What was your fondest memory from last year? Just the group of guys. It was a special group last year, and I made a lot of close friends. The core group that we had was a major reason for all of the success.
When will you be back in San Jose to get ready for training camp? I’m planning on being back in the area on the 25th of August, so I’ll start skating with the guys until training camp starts.

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