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Find Frenzy at every Barracuda home game as well as out and about in and around San Jose! If you are interested in having Frenzy come out to your event, let us know! Just make sure you give us a few weeks in advance so Frenzy has time to prepare.

Fill out a Frenzy Appearance Request Form!


Appearances include but aren’t limited to:

Fairs and Festivals
Walks and Runs
School Fairs and Carnivals
Birthday Parties
Corporate Outings
Private Events
Community Gatherings
Youth Hockey Practices
Much, much more!

About Frenzy

One day while he was hanging out in his secret hideout, SJ Sharkie received a highly classified letter asking him to create the San Jose Barracuda mascot. After gathering up a number of items and plugging some numbers into his computer, SJ Sharkie hit enter when suddenly the dummy that he connected everything to disappeared. The door to his hideout flew wide open and through the smoke that filled the room came Frenzy!

Number: 15
Height: Tall enough!
Weight: That’s personal!
DOB: 1/23/16
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Home: SAP Center
Shoots: Hard
Favorite Song: Barracuda by Heart
Likes: Hockey, San Jose Sharks, Dancing
Dislikes: Birds
Favorite Joke: Why did the barracuda want to hire the clown fish’s anemone? He believed “anemone of my enemy is a friend”