San Jose Barracuda Specialty Jersey Auction Styles and Rules

**All auctions end at the start of the 3rd period**
*If jerseys go unclaimed in the 3 days following the auction, the next highest bidder will be contacted*



Mobile Bidding

In an effort to streamline our jersey auctions and make the bidding process easier for fans, the Barracuda have moved to a mobile bidding process for the upcoming season. Now, fans can bid from their seats without having to miss a second of the action on the ice! To join our auction on game day, all you need to do is text "BARRACUDA" to 52182 or visit When signing up for an auction, you will be prompted to add a credit card which is required before making a bid. You will only be prompted to enter your card once and you will only be charged if you win the item for which you have bid on.

Blind Auction

This style of auction consists of fans writing and submitting blind bids, meaning you cannot see what amounts have already been placed. Each jersey will have its own box where fans can place their bids. Fans are welcome to bid more than once if they choose and they are welcome to bid on multiple jerseys.

Bidders should make their way back to the blind auction table by the North Doors at the end of the second intermission to be present for the close of the auction.

At the start of the third period, a Barracuda representative will then go through the submitted bid sheets in each box to determine the final winner. The fan with the highest bid will be considered the winner of the jersey.

If more there is a tie for a jersey at the end of the blind auction, then a “mini” Live Auction will take place with a Barracuda representative serving as the auctioneer.  The only people participating in this “mini” Live Auction will be those who have the high bid and they must be present at the time that the bid sheet is pulled (at the puck drop to start the 3rd period) by the Barracuda representative. 

All sales are final. If a bidder wins multiple jerseys, that bidder is responsible for payment of each jersey.  Should the bidder not pay for any one jersey, all jerseys won by that bidder will be sold to the next highest bid.

How to Claim

Once all winners have been determined payment will be processed through the mobile bidding platform unless you have won through the blind auction, those payments will be processed at the auction hub. Only when payment is completed will you receive a Letter of Authenticity and, if available, a tax exemption letter from the beneficiary. You will be able to take your jersey home with you following the game as long as you have your LOA as proof of purchase. If you do not pay for your jersey prior to the end of the game, you will not be able to take the jersey home with you that day.

While we will make an effort to get every jersey signed that was worn by a player on the roster, a signature is not guaranteed in purchase. All signatures will be located the jersey number unless otherwise specified.

Social Media Contest

Follow the San Jose Barracuda on social media for the chance to win one of a kind specialty jerseys!

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