Jul 26, 2018

What's up 'Cuda Country? Since I'm in Lake Tahoe all weekend, Barracuda Marketing and Community Relations Manager Joey Goldstein penned this week's blog to ensure all details from our company softball game were included. This is important stuff people!

So without further ado, here is Joey...

Just because Nick has been sailing the high seas (Lake Tahoe) all week, doesn’t mean the softball recap was also going to take time off. While he’s spending some quality family time up North, the company softball team was grinding away on the diamond in what may just be the Twin Creeks Wednesday Night Co-Rec Game of the Year™. This recap is lengthy but this game was unreal, it’s my recap and I filled in as team manager this week so deal with it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on those who were not in attendance this week. Nick called everyone out last week, so it’s only right I make note this time around.

•    Taylor Hone - Sharks Productions

o    Lost baggage at airport (thanks Air Canada)

•    Nate Hone - Sharks Productions

o    15 Day DL (Upper Body)

•    Nick Nollenberger - Voice of the Cuda

o    Family Vacation

•    Nick Carillo - Captain/Manager/Equipment Manager/2017 Self Appointed Team MVP

o    Mexico City

•    Stephanie Dubin - Sharks Community Relations

o    Undisclosed Absence

•    Ben Guerrero - Sharks Media Relations

o    10 Day DL (Lower Body)

Now onto the real story here, the game of the year. To say we started off the game poorly would be an understatement. The squad faced some early jitters both on the mound and in the field and we quickly found ourselves down 6-0. Next thing we know it’s 10-0 and we are heading into the third inning. They say patience is a virtue and so far that has been the theme of this season. Some great plate discipline by all and in our next set of at bats, we hit around the order scoring seven runs to cut the lead to three. Ben Guerrero, who didn’t play due to injury, stepped up to coach third and the guy’s arm looked like a windmill just waving everyone around taking advantage of a less than stellar arm in left field. Your’s truly came into pitch and once that happened, the team really hit its stride both offensively and defensively.

There were a few major web gems in this game and had we had someone filming (thanks again Air Canada), I am sure we would have had the top two plays on Sportscenter’s Top 10. Jenn Stenn (holy alliteration) made play number one. Playing second base, she ran what seemed like a mile to make a Willie Mays style catch over the shoulder deep in foul territory. Then, Sharks Media Relations Manager Joanna Schimmel dropped a pretty routine pop up but just as we thought it was going to hit the ground Sharks Digital Media Producer Austin Webb reacted with cat-like reflexes to make the catch after juggling the ball a few times. The description doesn’t do it justice, but I promise you it was amazing.

Fast forward to the fifth inning where the team is down by one run, the bases are loaded, there are two outs and I walk up to the plate. This is the stuff every kid fantasizes about playing in the backyard. It doesn't get any more intense than this, folks. Co-rec softball on a Wednesday night with the game on the line. Some would call it a clutch gene but I channeled my inner David Ortiz (I’m a Boston kid, sorry), and knocked in the go ahead run (on a grand slam, not a big deal). A couple more insurance runs in the top half of 6th followed by some great defense in the last half of the 6th and we completed the comeback to win the game 16-13. A few more highlights below because everyone deserves ink in ths recap.

•    Megan Ebeck saw 4 plate appearances and reached base all 4 times

•    Amber Cottle made a key force out at the plate in a bases loaded situation in the bottom of the 6th

•    Seth DeWitt hit a 2 run triple and then ran straight through his stop sign at 3rd, scoring another insurance run for the team

•    All ten players on our team reached base at least once, most of whom scored at least one run.

•    Some poor guy in left field for the opposing team took a fly ball off the chest. We could hear the thud from the dugout, I'm sure they could have heard it on the other side of the complex. It sounded like it hurt but he ate it like a champ so props to that guy.

The A’s came back from a major deficit the other day, we came back from a 10 run deficit last night so you could basically call us major leaguers. Everyone loves a good comeback and this is the kind of Wednesday Night Co-Rec Softball comeback they make movies about. It was fun to be a part of it.

My thanks to Joey for taking over the reigns this week. If you follow me on the Instagram then you've seen what I've been up to in Tahoe, but if not, I've attached a video from some of my boating shenanigans. Have a wonderful week, and we'll talk to you all next Thursday.




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