Jun 19, 2020

Change Together.

In recognition of Juneteenth, our front office is starting a new tradition. As an organization, we will be dedicating time on this day each year to actively participate in Juneteenth. Our goal - to advance meaningful progress.

Starting today, all of us at Sharks Sports & Entertainment will be seeking ways to learn and better understand systemic racism, unconscious bias, the dynamics of power, equity, and inclusion, and how to become an effective ally.

We encourage you to participate with us and understand you may not know where to start. So, we wanted to share a valuable list of resources with all of Cuda Country.

Books: (book links are through Amazon Smile, benefitting Sharks Foundation)

Movies and Documentaries: 

Interviews and Keynotes: 

  • Works by Jane Elliot and her mission of One Race
  • Kim Davis on Sportsnet Podcast
  • Evander KaneSportsNetTSNESPN
  • Diversity and Inclusion Trainers: White Men as Full Diversity Partners have podcasts here
  • Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) have published podcasts to which you can subscribe to listen
  • Korn Ferry has released a series of videos called Race Matters 

Online Resources: 


  • Seek out those with different backgrounds and perspectives, and ask them to share their experiences and feelings around these topics. No two people have identical experiences, and knowledge is power -- the more you understand, the better you can respond.
  • Attend & participate in a webinar
    • Black Girl Hockey Club is hosting: A Juneteenth Discussion on Hockey, Race and Community this Saturday, June 20, 10am Pacific. Erica Ayala will moderate a panel discussion with panelists: Joel Ward (Hockey Diversity Alliance), Blake Bolden (PWHPA), Saroya Tinker (NWHL Metropolitan Riveters), Sydney Augustine (Founder, Sports Disrupted), Ayo Adineye (Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville Hockey 2020), Renee Hess (Black Girl Hockey Club). It's a free webinar, but you need to register here

In your community:

Seek out groups in which you can become part of the conversation and create change. Suggestions include local chapters of larger organizations such as:

Our list is by no means exhaustive and we'd love for you to share with us what else you're reading, watching, or involved in.

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