Jul 16, 2018

A native of Brentwood, New Hampshire, Mike Murphy begins his first season as head equipment manager of the San Jose Barracuda in 2018-19 after serving as the team’s assistant last year. sat down with Mike recently to ask him a few playful questions as a part of the offseason staff spotlight series.

What's your middle name? Joseph.

Rock, paper or scissors? Rock.

Instagram or Snapchat? Do it for the gram.

Who's one guy on the team you wouldn’t want to fight if you had to? Jon Martin.

White or black tape and why? White. No explanation needed (laughs).

Go-to dance move? Run away! (laughs). Not a big dancer.

Best roommate you’ve ever had? Tristan Musser or Ben Woody. Shout out to both of those guys in Buffalo. Wait, wait, also Kara Page.

If you had one person to be stranded on a deserted island with who would it be? Any of those three.

What was your first car? My first car was a ’98 Plymouth Acclaim.

Have you ever owned anything newer than a 2000? Nope! Wait, I take that back, yes I have! A 2001 Honda Civic.

What would be your dream car? A 1991 Ford Mustang LX hatchback.

The one you have in the parking lot? Oh yeah!

What would you fix on your Mustang if you could? It needs a new paint job, it needs to be a bit faster, but that’s the car.

Who has helped you the most to get you where you are today? It hasn’t been just one person, it’s kind of been a bit of crowdsourcing. Other equipment managers, other players. Everyone in the sport has had their own part in helping me get here. That’s everyone from the Zamboni drivers in buffalo, to all the people away from the rink that keep me sane enough to come back (laughs). It’s a big effort from a bunch of people.

What’s your fondest hockey memory so far? My fondest memory is winning the President's Cup (SPHL Championship) with the Macon Mayhem.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Mariska Hargitay from Law & Order: SVU. Don’t know why but I’ve always had a soft spot for her.

If you could be any athlete who would it be? John Daly (laughs)

Nickname in the dressing room? Murph!

Who’s the best dressed on the team? Gotta be one of the Europeans. They’ve all got the designer suits.

Who’s the worse dressed on the team? Gotta be one of the Europeans. They’ve all got the designer suits (laughs).

What’s your favorite hockey movie of all time? Youngblood. I respect Slap Shot, but Youngblood is #1.

What show should fans binge on Netflix? BoJack Horseman.

Best road city you’ve visited in the AHL? Grand Rapids is sweet. San Diego, Austin. They’d be my top three. Haven’t been to Colorado but that should be fun.

Who’s the best trash talker on the team? Definitely not Austin Rodriguez.

Go to Karaoke song? Good Riddance by Green Day.

Favorite place to eat in San Jose? The Burrito place (Antojitos Los Tres Poblanitos) on the corner of 7th a Phelan or maybe Original Joe’s.

Do you have any pregame rituals? Sweat, panic, bite my nails (laughs)

Best friend in hockey? I’d have to say Jack Markwardt in San Antonio or Tristan Musser who just took a job with the Chicago Steel in the USHL.






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